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    Every company deserves loyal customers

    Loyal customers do not only buy more often, they also spend more. They are also the best ambassadors for your company. Loyalty Lab specialises in creating, developing and executing marketing programs that increase customer loyalty and positively influence their spending behaviour. Loyalty Lab is also your partner for managing print and e-mail productions.

    Retail Organisations
    Especially retail organisations immediately benefit from our specific expertise to unlock and connect large amounts of data. Thanks to our advanced software, retailers can precisely monitor customer behaviour to send the right customers the right message at the right time. As a result, retailers immediately achieve more returns from their customers.

  • Loyalty marketing is: rewarding specific customer behaviour to retain or win back your customers

  • Vision

    Personal customer contact and good service are prerequisites for customers to come back more often and spend more. Therefore, 'getting to know customers' is essential. We do that at Loyalty Lab by tracking and analysing customer behaviour. Moreover, we have advanced techniques to not only read all data entered into the database, but also to connect them. This gives us more and more knowledge about customers and their (online) shopping behaviour. 

    This allows us to approach the right customers with the right message at the right time. And leads to a significantly higher conversion of each  targeted marketing action.

    Characteristicts of a good Loyalty Strategy

    • Focus on behaviour
    • Measure the behaviour
    • Dare to differentiate
    • Reward active behaviour
    • Make sure you execute this daily

    A loyalty program requires continuity and a long-term vision. It's not a one-time action.

    More information?
  • Loyalty Lab takes care of every step in your Loyalty Program

    Strategy & Concept
    We develop loyalty strategies and programs.
    To deliver the right message in the right way, we create on-and offline campaigns.
    Unique database driven solutions to communicate one-on-one or with bulk actions.
    A team of specialists coordinate and monitor all campaigns.


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