With over forty customers in nine countries, we now dare to call ourselves
specialist in database-driven marketing.

  • Loyalty Group
    Our Loyalty group is strategic, creative and innovative in the field of Loyalty Marketing. Together with our clients, we develop long-term visions and create effective concepts to steer the individual behaviour of customers. We have been doing this for years with passion and expertise. 

    Our team
    Loyalty Lab has an international team of 55 ambitious employees. From IT specialists to strategists and from account managers to designers. They have a common denominator: they are all genuinely interested in colleagues and clients. We believe that you can only develop the best solutions with loyal people. Loyal means also “working together to achieve the goals”. 

    Print Management Group
    Our special Printing Group in Germany has a lot of expertise in managing all kinds of print productions. Large, small, simple or complex. With our own Printing production and a European network of suppliers, every job can be handled succesfully.

  • Every company deserves loyal customers

    The development and management of effective loyalty programs is in our genes. This is not surprising, as we were among the first in Europe to take Loyalty Marketing seriously in 2002. 

    Loyalty Marketing is a continuous process, not a one-moment action. That is why we have been working successfully for Essilor for the last 10 years, and for Volvo Cars for the last 5 years. We even won awards. But this is not our most important drive. We believe that every company deserves loyal customers.

    Loyalty Lab offers advanced solutions to increase the return from customers, by: 
    - generating extra traffic in the stores
    - promoting additional purchases
    - increasing customer satisfaction
    - retaining customers

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