80 % of your profits 
comes from 20% of your customers 


  • Loyalty Lab delivers both loyalty- and marketingservices

    Loyalty Lab is the European Specialist that provides datadriven marketing for retailers, dealers, sales organizations, and more.

    • we develop loyalty strategies.
    • we build and introduce loyalty en marketingsystems.
    • we create all different communication media for your loyalty program.
    • we manage the execution of your loyalty- and marketingactivties via print, social media, online and mobile.

    Loyalty Lab is active in 9 countries and has offices in 3 countries. The headquarter is located in Amsterdam. All 55 employees work together in special accountteams to ensure our customers that they get the best and most efficient service.

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  • The success degree of your loyalty program depends on
    good monitoring and adapting when necessesary.

  • Loyalty strategy in 7 steps

    • We analyse your data
    • We schedule the different types of customers and create customer journeys
    • Based on that we develop a communication cycle
    • We make sure that the right customers, receive the right message
    • We follow their behaviour and measure the results
    • We reward clients for their loyalty
    • The results will be presented clearly to our clients so that new strategies can be built.
  • Every company wants to invest in regular customers

    But how to set up successful loyalty programm that motivates customers to spend more and in the meantime appreciate your company more? And how can you set up your database so that you can start to communicate effectively with your customers

    Important questions that Loyalty lab answers by u

    1. Checklist

    Our CRM-specialist will inventarise your goals by using a Loyalty Checklist. All relevant issues will be discussed. We will make a business case and give an indication of the xcosts and timing.

    For who: organisations that have allready thougt about their loyalty Program but that just need help tot make a good start with it.

    2. Workshops

    We organise 4 workshops to get insight in the most important elements of the loyalty program that we will develop for your organization. In th 1st workshop we analyse your data en difine differnet kinds of customers. Workshop 2 is about marketing communication. after that we will focus on the technical aspects of datamanagement and datadriven communication. Finally we create a specific letter of proposal that we will present to the management team of your organization.

    Specially for: Organizations that want to inventarise the possibilities for a good loyalty program separately for each department.

    3. Consultancy

    In case of large and complexe Loyalty programs, our Loyalty Lab Consultant will first start an investigation to get more insights in the targets and possibilities. For example customer research, competitors analysis and datamining. This phase brings new insights and advices and therefore it's a good base to start the workshops for each team orr department. 

    Specially for: organizations that are looking for a large and complexe Loyalty program and where we have to take into account all 'best practices' and interests of the stakeholders.

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  • Loyalty Lab takes care of your Loyalty from A to Z

  • Strategy & Concept

    We start with an investigation to  all ambitions, visons, do's and don'ts and the working processes. We use 4 models to define the loyalty strategy. After that we describe the customer journeys and data models to set up the technical infrastructure contactprograms and the working processes.

    4 models to define the loyalty strategy.

    1) Customer Model : what information is known of the customer
    2) Marketing Model: what communication is already used towards the customers
    3) Implementation Model: how can we implement a loyalty strategy/ program
    4) Business Model: what is the business model for a long term loyalty program

  • Creation

    Every strategy and communications life cycle requests a creative way of thinking to transform ideas and straties into effective media with the right message in the right lay out.  Therefore Loyalty Lab works close together with The Other Side of the Moon. An enthusiastic and   team with a lot op experience in copy, art and design. They create  solutions that make the difference/

    The Other Side of the Moon is not only a studio, the team develops cross medial campaigns and every advertisement oboth on- and offline will have a positive impact on your long term vision. 

    DM-advertisments, brochures, digital newsletters: every advertisement has to contribute to your brand recognition and to higher sales.

  • Implementation

    The implementation of a loyality program and setting up the communication cycle requests special knowledge of CRM systems and databases. These professional experts with this specific knowlegde work at Loyalty Lab. They help you to set up your database so that you can cluster and analyse the data so that you can directly communicate with your customers.

    To optimize your program, it is necessary to keep on monitoring and adapting every action you undertake.

  • Running

    Because execution takes a lot of time and effort, LoyaltyLab van do the execution form A to Z. And also for a separate part of the program. When you only want to enrich your database or you prefer only set up effective Direct Marketing campaigns-campagnes opzetten. Dat kan. Our dedicated teams will take care of the execution of your campaigns and they can monitor the resu

    Loyalty Lab will realize your whole loyalty strategy.


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